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The Grocery Planner is one of the niftiest features of the program.  You can either select your dishes individually (the same process as selecting foods for your daily menu) or export them from the menu creator.

This list shows a partial sampling of dishes selected for a week.  When you have made all of your selections, you click a button, and the following list is generated:

The top shows the recipes that you need to cook, and below shows all of the ingredients you need to make this.  In order to fit it in a form that you can read, this actually the edited list.  The original list is far more comprehensive, as it shows every spice needed.  The list is a .csv file and can be edited through spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel.  I delete every item that I know that I have.  Then, I make a quick check through my pantry and refrigerator, deleting items that I already have.  The remaining list is what I have to pick up at the store.  The list is sorted by areas in the store, and then alphabetized within those sections.

Also, you may notice that the last 2 items say "Sams."  (All other ingredients are found at my grocery store. ).  If you do not shop at Sams, you go into the ingredient section, and change it.  If you have items in other sections of your store, you can change it in the ingredient section, so that it fits your needs.  The program is very flexible and allows you to personalize it.

This list allows you to buy only what you need, and helps keep your grocery bill down, because all of the guesswork has been removed.

In the end, I have 3 sheets stapled together: the grocery list, my weekly menu, and my wife's weekly menu.  I spend about 30 minutes a week, and I have my grocery list, my cooking list, and a guaranteed method of losing weight in my hands.

Now that I have my groceries, it is time to cook!

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