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First of all, the program is an electronic cookbook. A screen shot looks like this:

At the top, you can scroll through the recipes, or use the drop-down.  You can also sort the recipes by categories, just like a cookbook (subdivided by "soups", "deserts", etc).  However, unlike a paper cookbook, you can make a recipe fit into multiple categories (example: store a shrimp and chicken chowder under both "Chicken dishes" and "Seafood dishes", without overstuffing your cookbook, since it is electronic:

With a click you can view the nutritional information for any dish:

If you ever edit one of the ingredients or the recipe itself, this information is automatically updated.  And let's face it, we have all altered a recipe for our own tastes!  This eliminates the guesswork.

Have you ever made an amount different from the recipe - for instance, a double-portion?  Or maybe a half-portion?  You have to multiply all of the ingredients in your head.  If you forget one ingredient, the taste changes.  This program has a feature that allows you to multiply the recipe by an amount, and all ingredients shown in the list are automatically updated!

Want a paper copy?  With the click of the mouse you have an 8.5" x 11" paper to store in a binder. 

One problem I have is that I cannot remember how much I liked a recipe.  As a result, I added a feature that allows you and one other person to assign a letter grade to the dish.  When creating a menu, you can filter it based on dishes with an "A" or "B" letter grade or by dishes that you have not tried.

Looking down the right-hand side of the computer screen-shot quickly shows what kitchen equipment is used (or can be used), as well as the category or categories that this dish fits under.  There is even a category for "unhealthy" because let's face it, we have a few good ones we use for those special occasions!

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